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Contemporary Music Choirs

Would you like to sing in a contemporary choir?

Even if you have never sung harmonies in a choir before, or have been in other choirs, Remix Voices may be the very thing for you. The rehearsals are exciting, stimulating and fun, whilst always working towards high musical standards. This is our Summer Term, so please come along and see what we do.

Combined Remix Voices at Reading Concert Hall

Remix voices are modern, secular choirs, based in Guildford and Woking in Surrey, and Reading in Berkshire. The friendship between the singers is a vital ingredient of our ongoing success.

We sing the very best of popular songs from the 1960's to the present day. Music from Adele, Carly Simon, The Kinks, Tears For Fears, Elbow, The Isley Brothers, REM and other popular artists are typical of the songs that we are singing at the moment. In the Summer Term of 2017 we will be learning songs by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Status Quo and George Michael. The singers in the choirs often suggest songs that we might like to sing, and we aim to include as many of these as we can in our current repertoire.

Rehearsing at Reading Concert Hall

Remix Voices is a mixed voice choir, singing modern popular songs in harmony from memory. There are three vocal parts:- Soprano, Alto and Bass. The Bass part is not too low, and would also suit most Tenor voices. There are a moderate number of songs in the repertoire at any one time to make the learning from memory more achievable.

All vocal parts have a mixture of melody and harmony lines, so singers in the choir will need to have the ability to sing both.

All singers in Remix Voices will need to have, or to develop, the following abilities:-

  • sing in tune without vibrato
  • blend their voices in with other singers' voices.
  • learn and memorise melody lines
  • learn and memorise harmony lines
  • learn and memorise lyrics

Prospective singers are welcome to attend a free rehearsal in most of the weeks advertised on the website.

See the Rehearsals web page for the dates of the next rehearsals.

Please note that there are certain rehearsals where it may not be possible for prospective singers to attend. We suggest that you please email before coming along to be on the safe side.

Previous singing experience can be useful, but is by no means necessary. Prospective singers will not need to take a formal audition, but will need to have a simple, friendly voice-check before they join. This will comprise a check, done in private, of pitch awareness, quality and vocal range to confirm that Remix voices is a suitable choir to join.

Although the ability to read music is initially an advantage at the song-learning stage, this is not in the end as important as the ability to learn and sing the songs from memory. To make this as easy as reasonably possible to achieve, all songs will be taught at rehearsals and backed up with audio files that may be used by the singer between rehearsals. Guidance will also be given as to the best way to learn the repertoire.

Joining Us

For a flyer in printable pdf format, please click here.

Remix Voices has a high standard of visual presentation, but this does not involve choreography. If you love singing and prefer to concentrate on a great musical performance with a minimum amount of distraction, then Remix Voices may be the choir for you.

Guildford and Woking Remix Voices at the 
					Reading Concert Hall



Email to arrange a free trial rehearsal in Reading, Guildford or Woking - you might never look back!

READING evening rehearsals

Monday evenings - 7.45 to 9.30 pm

GUILDFORD evening rehearsals

Wednesday evenings - 7.45 to 9.30 pm

WOKING evening rehearsals

Thursday evenings - 7.45 to 9.30 pm

GUILDFORD daytime rehearsals

Friday mornings - 9.45 to 11.30 am

Please note that these rehearsals are in term time only. The next rehearsal date for each choir is listed on the Rehearsals page - please follow the link in the left column.



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Guildford Daytime


We invite you to book a FREE trial rehearsal with one of our choirs.

Open to anyone interested in finding out more about joining one of our choirs based in Reading, Guildford and Woking.

No formal auditions - exciting songs - friendly people.

If you are interested in joining any of our choirs, please email and she can let you know the earliest rehearsal for you to come along to, for a free 'taster' rehearsal. You will receive a warm welcome, and the rehearsal will give you the chance to see and hear what we do. We will then let you know the best way to join the best Remix Voices choir for you if you like what we do and decide to join.

Why not come along to our concerts to see if you like what we do? Click here for more details.

NO FORMAL AUDITION required to join Remix Voices, just a simple, friendly voice-check.

Email for further details.


We sing old songs, new songs, rock and pop songs and ballads, many of which are love songs. We also throw in a smattering of seasonal pop songs in the run up to Christmas most years. The songs are arranged to bring out all the lovely harmonies in the music.

If you are an experienced singer, or if you like to sing (even if you have never sung in a choir before), Remix Voices could be the choir for you. We include in the rehearsals some guidance on how to sing in this sort of choir, and also basic vocal training and confidence building to enable you to sing in public.

As we perform without sheet music, learning to sing the songs from memory is a wonderful, fun form of 'brain-training' that is an excellent way of keeping your mind active. In today's hectic world, singing is also a great way to relax and unwind, whilst at the same time doing something exciting and creative.

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