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Remix Voices has recently undergone major changes. Dave and Beth Smith, who own and run Remix Voices, have retired from running the choirs on a full-time basis for health reasons. This means that the weekly rehearsals for the four choirs stopped in December 2017. In the future, the aim is to replace this with a series of 'one-off' singing days, so please return to this site from time to time for updates on this.

Combined Remix Voices at Reading Concert Hall

Remix Voices - modern, secular choirs, based in Surrey and Berkshire.

We sang the very best of popular songs from the 1960's to the present day. We recently had music from The Allman Brothers Band, Coldplay, Rita Coolidge, Paul McCartney, George Michael, Status Quo and K T Tunstall in the repertoire. The singers in the choirs had often suggested songs that we might like to sing, and we aimed to include as many of these as we could into the repertoire.

Rehearsing at Reading Concert Hall

Remix Voices - a mixed voice choir, singing modern popular songs in harmony from memory. There are three vocal parts:- Soprano, Alto and Bass.

All vocal parts had a mixture of melody and harmony lines, so singers in the choir needed to have the ability to sing both.

Guildford and Woking Remix Voices at the 
					Reading Concert Hall



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We sang old songs, new songs, rock and pop songs and ballads, many of which were love songs. We also threw in a smattering of seasonal pop songs in the run up to Christmas most years. The songs were arranged to bring out all the lovely harmonies in the music.

We included in the rehearsals some guidance on how to sing in this sort of choir, and also basic vocal training and confidence building.

As we performed without sheet music, learning to sing the songs from memory was a wonderful, fun form of 'brain-training' that is an excellent way of keeping your mind active.

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